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Project Brief

I embarked on a transformative design journey with Doggy Bathroom, specializing in products tailored for small dog breeds, they offer a unique dog litter box designed to keep everything in one easy-to-clean space with vertical pee pads. Doggy Bathroom has a deep commitment to aesthetics and functionality, a commitment that this project aimed to amplify through brand guidelines, digital enhancements, and print materials.




Graphic Designer



The Problem

Doggy Bathroom had carved out a distinctive niche with their unique pet product. However, their branding was inconsistent, strong guidelines were not established, and their print materials could see improvement. The challenge was evident: they needed compelling and cohesive brand guidelines to complement their innovative offerings, and robust on-brand product packaging, cards and flyers.

The Solution

To address Doggy Bathroom's design challenges, I embraced a holistic approach. Beginning with the creation of a robust brand guidelines presentation and design system to build a consistent and visually appealing language. Following which, I designed on-brand digital and print collateral.

Brand Guidelines: Crafting Strong Foundation

These guidelines became the beacon for all subsequent design work, ensuring consistency and clarity that aligned with Doggy Bathroom's commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

Elevated Product Packaging

The transformation extended to product packaging. Innovative designs were conceived, aligning seamlessly with Doggy Bathroom's brand identity, creating eye-catching and memorable impressions on consumers.

Towel Packaging

Towel Packaging

Pickup Bags & Packaging

Pickup Bags & Packaging

Strategic Social Media Design

In the digital sphere, not only were captivating social media posts crafted, but a comprehensive strategy was also devised. The posts were strategically designed to resonate with the audience, sparking engagement and strengthening the brand's presence. The strategy ensured consistent messaging to the right audience, resulting in a remarkable threefold increase in audience engagement rates.

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