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The Evolution of Typography

An experimental perfect-bound book design containing an in-depth journey into the world of typography, capturing its history, syntax, principles and my deep passion for type.

Project Brief

A Comprehensive Exploration of Typography: This book stands as a testament to the rich history and intricate syntax of typography. Delving deep into its foundational principles, it serves as an indispensable resource for designers.

Through its pages, I aim to share my profound passion for the art and science of type, hoping to inspire and educate. The book also includes a word-play eastern egg, inspired by Charles Darwin, as a tribute to my typography professor Derwyn Goodall.

Project Type



Perfect Bound, 68 Pages




Hard Cover, Matte Soft-Touch Inside Pages

Hand-lettered Hindi Word "Sakshi"

Hand-lettered Hindi Typography for the word "Sakshi", which poetically translates to the "presence" or being in presence of.

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