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Norta – The Game of Nine Nights

Project Brief

As the sole creator of the thesis project "Norta – The Game of Nine Nights," I embarked on a transformative journey to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic on traditional festivals and celebrations. Drawing from my expertise in Graphic Design, Video Game Development, and Branding, I crafted a groundbreaking solution that reimagined festival experiences, fostered inclusivity, and supported local businesses, all within a digital realm.

Project Type



OCAD University



This project has a dedicated website

Explore "Norta: The Game of Nine Nights," my transformative final year thesis project. In response to the COVID-19 restrictions on physical celebrations, Norta reimagines Navratri, empowering communities and supporting local businesses.

Experience how a game can revolutionize education, inclusivity, and cultural emulation. Discover why "Norta" garnered media attention and interviews, revolutionizing the way we celebrate and connect during the pandemic. Visit the dedicated website to learn more.

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